The problem…

The problem…
July 21, 2019 Fiona
In Fashion

As we know, many multi-brand shops seem to carry the exact same brands as any other multi-brand shop. It’s boring.

For the little guys, the startup fashion labels – leases seem unobtainable and online is so much cheaper and accessible. That’s where the consumer misses out. e no longer get the sensory experience of meeting the designer and seeing and feeling their wares. The big guys that offer the Junkfood fashion fix that allows consumers to purchase something that they kind of like to get their retail therapy fix and then toss it aside after a wash because it falls to pieces. It leaves the consumer unsatisfied and wanting to buy more, littering the world with unfashionable garbage.

But of course, we all know this.

The trick is … how to work with all of the technical advances with out losing the goodness and glorious vibes if what was created in the past.

The answer seems simple – people have to stop and think and not be greedy.

Not so simple I guess. Everyone is rushing around, Life is on fast forwards. People take short cuts without thinking of the consequence. Greed rules the world and bastardises brilliance and beauty (total generalisation and Debbie Downer point of view, but generally that’s my observation).

What’s the answer then?

Knowledge and conviction?

If people are fed snippets of information that they can consume within the constraints of their lives that are constantly set on fast forward and be assisted/guided to make self-fulfilling, community developing/embracing, thoughtful decisions…you would hope we could change the state of play.

What would the first step be if we were to go down this path? Ideologically, it would be to get rid of the fast fashion brands. That’s never going to happen. If we haven’t irradicated the likes of McDonald’s then that ideal is unrealistic. However, with the increasing knowledge from movies like “Supersize me” and health and wellness boom – McDonald’s brought out a more cafe style experience for their discerning consumer. They came up with a “Create your own” meal. It’s simply the same food dressed up and presented in a different way, making their food look healthier. Very clever, and expensive marketing, but moving with the times and technology and still delivering junk food – because that’s their business. It’s the same with fashion.

Large fast fashion chains have similar programs that get announced and then fall to the wayside. What is the reason for this?   Fast fashion is its business. They can’t fix it – or they would be out of business. It comes back to the consumer.

It’s all up to us.

We simply need to think.

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