Planet Nurturing Practices

With everything we do we make conscious choices as to how we want our business to work.

  1. We make limited edition clothing, in limited amounts, released when we find fabric that is worthy of investing our energy and time into and offer pre-order to make sure we only make garments in sizes that are in demand and requested.
  2. Know every part of the business. This means that by knowing the how to’s and why’s of the business we can make better choices for the way our business will effect the environment and to what level. Obviously the lower the impact a practice has on the planet, the happier we are.
  3. Apply reduce/reuse/recycle processes where possible (where it makes sense), and to choose these options when they are available.
  4. Reduce energy consumption as much as possible – we have just added solar to our mini factory and make everything in-house, reducing the amount of transportation of our product prior to production as possible.
  5. Make product that is loved and can be handed down or resold several times.
  6. Why do we make limited product? Because we are not a fan of waste.