Hemming Guide


We understand that finding the perfect denim jean can be a challenge. Jeans can be a great fit but just too long. We have designed your Okki jeans so they are easy to hem yourself, at home. Learn how to hem your jeans using these simple steps.

What you will need to hem your jeans: Scissors,
ruler or measuring tape and
tailer’s chalk.

Hemming introduction

Step 1

Gather the tools you will need to hem your Okki denim jeans. Scissors, ruler or measuring tape and tailer’s chalk.

Step 2

Try your jeans on. Pull the leg straight, so it does not have any wrinkles, and is folding over your foot. Decide where you would like to hem the jeans.

Step 3

Note the stitched bar tacks along the inner and outer side seams of the jeans. These will prevent your seams from unravelling once the jean has been hemmed. Mark with the tailer’s chalk just below the closest bar tack to the length that you would like to hem your jean, on the outside leg seam.

Step 5

Using your new hem mark as the guide, rule a straight chalk line across the jean leg from the outside seam to the inside seam of the jean. Try the jean back on to ensure the chalked line is the correct length. Always measure twice, cut once!


Step 6

Once you have chosen the correct hem length, measure exactly the same trim line for the second leg. Using the scissors, cut in a straight line along the chalk mark that you have made.

Step 7

Your jeans are now hemmed to the perfect length for you. Why not leave your new raw hem down.

Step 8

Alternatively you can turn up the cuff to conceal the raw hem.