A little black number

A little black number
7 August 2019 Fiona

Allow me to introduce “George”.

When you sew a garment a couple of times – you get attached. I seem to anyway. You get to know it’s quirks, it’s difficulties and you get to experience pure joy with it.

If you want to know a little about him – read on. If not and you just want to know when he will be ready and online, looking for glorious people to meet and be bought – give me 3 days. I’ll let my “Loyals” (yes my subscribers) know 2 days before my social crew.

And so the story begins…


I found this glorious fabric about 6 months ago. It was crazy hot … and only kooks could think of wearing warm cosy clothes in that kind of heat. Kooks. Crazy in the coconut – kooks.

I immediately fell in love with the texture and the softness of this fabric as well as its luxurious drape and weight. On one side it’s like velvet, dense, cotton soft velvety goodness. On the other side, I discovered a french terry kind of loop on steroids. It is my black beauty of fabrics. If it was a horse I would ride into the sunset with it – never to be seen again. Once I purchased some sampling, I made a drop shoulder crew neck jumper. I constructed the crew with the velvet side on the front and the back of the torso and then reversed this fiber of gold, for the sleeves.

Before sewing the crew together (and of course, I can’t design a plain garment – I really honestly struggle with it), even though the point of difference is there and I was extremely happy with the construction of the design, it needed something more. Embroidery. Well, a form of embroidery I guess. Starbursts to be exact – very late 50’s early 60’s. Very Barkcloth-Esque to sound like a fabric geek. Finally – I got to sew. One of my happy places … it’s so pure. You sew a line and you merge potentially two fabric’s together – you sew another and you create form and fit.

So … I sewed.

This fabric is so thick, it’s tricky to sew and get the seams to lined up. But after a few practices runs, the knack is discovered and the kissing seams (where the seams meet and make an “X” … you know … like a kiss when you sign off on a letter) are behaving themselves. The next challenge is to get the Japanese 100% cotton ribbing finished properly. I have ruined a few neckbands and pummelled my self with frustration a couple of times (in this design there is a front and a back neckband to ensure that the ribbing sits flat around your neck and shoulders, without any weird fluting), but the finish is worth it.

Hands down, this crew I am loving. I wear it to meetings with black betties and a vintage leather bikers jacket, I love it under my batwing denim coat with my wide-leg selvage jeans ( yet to come – still wear testing them). I wear it just about every day in the “esky” (aka the factory).

I call this crew “George”.

George will be ready for sale in 3 days.


Note: Extremely limited run due to buying the end of a luxe designers end of roll remnant.

Hours taken to create: Pattern making and refinements 2.5 days, Sampling 1 day, Cutting 1.25 days, Sewing 2 days

Quantity made: 16

Constructed with Coats Premium threads.

Fabric: End of the bolt – Marc Jacobs

Made: Down the coast in Victoria, Australia.

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