Blind Faith continued…

Blind Faith continued…
July 17, 2019 Fiona
In Fashion

It’s the journey.

The time invested in the creation of a garment, to organizing photo shoots and pop-ups, to talking to customers and finally, one try’s on the garment that has taken so long to get to this crucial moment. You can only hope they smile as they feel the quality and look at the detail. It’s when they try it on that you get the most anxious. I can put on a good face, as though it doesn’t matter whether the garment sings for you or not. The reality is – I want to please and excite¬†someone with my work. I want them to enjoy the garment as much as I have the journey of making it.

To watch a slow smile peel across a customers face, watching them understand the garment – whether they buy it or not – is the satisfaction I desire. If they buy it – then the bank balance is happy. My satisfaction is that someone appreciates my work. They understand it and they support what I am working towards. Word of mouth and having people talk about my business, my clothing is how I will stay in business, working with meaning and constantly aiming to delight and surprise with what I design and develop next. If they don’t purchase, then I learn a little more about fit, fabric construction and colour combinations that flatter …or not. Either way, it’s progression.

I love it. I love it all.

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