About Okki

Okki is a Surf Coast – based fashion house with a multidisciplinary approach. Through founder and Creative Director Fiona McPherson’s interest in art, architecture, photography and contemporary culture, an alternative path has been found, turning Okki into a well-respected creator of women’s apparel.

Okki’s styles are defined by Fiona McPherson’s signature juxtaposing design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials and end-of-roll designer fabrics saved from landfill, sourced from Italy and Japan.

Each garments is hand cut and tailored in house at our studio based in Jan Juc – on the beautiful lands of the Wadawurrung people, in Australia.

We make limited edition clothing.

We sometimes are fortunate to find and buy stunning end of roll fabric’s which can range in the volume from 5m to 30m. If we love it and we can use it, we will buy it and create something glorious (we think so anyway). When the fabric is gone, it’s gone. When we find fabric from our Japanese supplier (premium quality = longevity of wear) we purchase only what we need to sustain the business and provide our staff with wages that keep them happy and creating beautiful crafted garments. Time and care is our game.


We want to bring meaning back to clothing.

Which is why we make to order (pre-order). If there is fabric left over after cutting the pre-ordered garments (usually because of an under-calculated estimate on our behalf),we will only make a few extra in each size if the style sells out super fast, giving a few lucky people who missed out, a chance to purchase one of the lucky last pieces of that style . Depending on the garment, it can take 4-6 weeks to be made. Along the way we will be showing you weekly behind the scenes, such as the fabric being laid and your garment as it’s sewn in the mini factory.

We think waste is a design flaw.

We have a tiny area for stock in our mini factory – which is just fine by us – it means the business is rocking at what it’s meant to do. Create with out making waste.

When’s the next launch?

Our clothing is produced on what fabrics we can find and source. There maybe times we seem a little quiet, and other times there is a cacophony of styles being launched. This is due to the nature of only producing styles when we love the fabric, the style of the garments we design (we would make a few more t-shirts than jackets, say) and the fit of the garment. To find what’s coming up next, just keep an eye out for our emails (just a heads up – people who subscribe find out when a product is launched 24hrs before any of our social pages), you’ll be the first to know.

What time do you launch a product?

To be honest, as this business evolves, we are still trying to figure out a few things.

Although we’re based in Australia, we get orders from all over the world and would love to be pretty fair with spreading the love. Stay tuned and we will lock this down soon (Fiona is still figuring out how to make the website “launch” with-out any delays or disappointments – once these IT puzzles are solved – we will let you know).

How can I guarantee that I won't miss out?

Some of our designs have sold out in as little as 3 minutes, whilst this is great for us, we feel that it leaves a little bit of disappointment for our customers. We are well aware of this, and are keeping in mind that we are in this business to make beautiful product. If there is a limited amount of “end of roll” fabric screaming to be made into something we love, we would prefer to use it and give it a life, instead of it ending up in landfill.

We highly recommend adding our email address to your ‘favourites / contacts / safe sender list’ on whichever email provider you use, to avoid missing out if an email landed in your spam folder.

I missed out, is there a waiting list?

Unfortunately, once we are sold out, there isn’t anything left to be able to put you on a wait list for. Occasionally we may get a return and if we do we will update the website for one lucky customer.
Our email subscribers will get notified of new releases first. Then you have 24 hours before our “social media only” folk find out about the new release.
Subscribe toot sweet as, we’d hate for you to miss out.