Our Story

Okki + OkkiD are designed-for-purpose women’s and kids apparel brands by Australian design whizz and mum-of-two Fiona McPherson, founder of former cult kid brand Oishi-M.

​​We are a small-batch, high-quality, pre-order ethical fashion studio.

Whether it’s Okki or OkkiD, our ethos is slow fashion — our clothes are designed to be the most treasured hand-me-downs. We design easy to order, made-to-wear clothing that’s made to last.

Okki + OkkiD clothes are 100% Australian-made. Our fabrics are a mix of collaborations specially designed with local artists, and end-of-roll designer fabrics saved from landfill, sourced from Italy and Japan. We hand-cut and sew every single piece of clothing, with love, in our sunny little studio in Jan Juc.

We make limited edition clothing for limited edition people. Slow fashion, made to last. 

We pride ourselves on a ‘use more, waste less’ design approach, creating designs that create less waste for our planet.

From sourcing end-of-roll remnants to small-batch custom designed fabrics and artisan screen prints, we challenge ourselves to constantly re-imagine our ordering volume, our pattern and cutting processes to ensure we make the most of every piece of fabric, and bespoke detailing that creatively uses every piece of offcut fabric we create. 

We care about healthy communities and a healthy planet.

We live, work and play on the beautiful lands of the Wadawurrung people, at the start of the Great Ocean Road, Australia.