OKKI is a refined progression of my first brand, Oishi-M.

The garments are created from the inside out. Coupling this ethos with uncompromising workmanship, it imbues each garment with a rich and rare character and quality.

The process begins with fabric development.  The fabric is carefully chosen and combinations of patterns and colors are curated, bringing Okki it’s personality. Where possible, fabric is sourced with “reduce, reuse, recycle” in mind. Some of the fabrics are “end of the roll” designer Italian fabric’s, some are remnants from Japanese mills.  Finally, the clothes are often finished by hand or incorporate handmade details, from buttons and button loops to hand-painted graphics ensuring that collections are limited edition and small batch due to the amount of workmanship dedicated to each item. This labor-intensive finishing is my signature and sets OKKI apart from the kind of industrially over produced fashion that is typical today.

Along with my general obsession with fabric and detail, a certain fabric has alway enticed my curiosity since my early childhood days of wearing “Hoppers” overalls every day, all day, everywhere as a childhood staple. This developed into an adult obsession and fascination with denim. After years of admiring, wearing and researching, I feel like I have finally found what I believe to be the finest denim of all, the heralded Japanese selvedge denim created on a vintage denim loom.

This denim is a cornerstone fabric for OKKI. Each garment and design is treated with this level of attention.

OKKI: Small batch, limited edition, unique quality, locally made.