Our Story

Okki  and OkkiD are refined progression’s of Fiona’s first brand, Oishi-M (Okki being the big peoples version and OkkiD for the smaller, kooky, mischievously glorious people of our lives). Both are curated in loads of different fun and intriguing ways – all dreamt up, created and manufactured by us, in house, on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia.

Our garments are created from the inside out. Coupling this ethos with uncompromising workmanship, it imbues each garment with a rich and rare character and quality. Both brands are  based on the principles of slow, considered fashion, we are all about high quality and fun fabrics, well-crafted .

Our design process begins with fabric sourcing / development.  Fabric is carefully chosen and combinations of patterns and colours are created, bringing Okki and OkkiD their individual personalities.

Our fabric is sourced with “reduce, reuse, recycle” in mind. Some of the fabrics are “end of the roll” designer Italian fabric’s, some are remnants from Japanese mills.  Finally, the clothes are often finished by hand or incorporate handmade details, from buttons and button loops to hand-painted graphics ensuring that collections are limited edition and small batch due to the amount of workmanship dedicated to each item. This labor-intensive finishing is our signature and sets Okki and OkkiD apart from the kind of industrially over produced fashion that is typical of today.

Keeping Mother Earth at the fore front of what we do, we have been experimenting with re-engineered the sales process.

The idea is to create a pre-order business with what fabric we have on hand and to only create what we have sold plus a little more to keep some stock in our store for new customers to explore.

This process ensures that only styles that people love will be brought to life, refining our manufacturing and design business to one that creates little or no waste.

We aren’t fans of waste and figure that any waste in our business is a design flaw.

Conscious, small batch, limited edition, top shelf quality clothing, locally made.